The 4 Tails is a show that hasnt been made yet but heres how I(paris) see it..


Its a group of girls who turn into mermaids and say dumb things if you say its not dumb then thats dumb because it obviously dumb you dumb dummy seriously cant you SEE its dumb!?

Anyway they go on adventures and learn new powers and stuff. Im making the first two episodes and yeah/.. oh um it supposed to be a youtube show but i dont have the tails OR the camera...i MIGHT have the camera actully..:) yay! lets hope i do!!

Check out the first episode SCRIPTS here:Edit

Episode 1 Season 1:The Beginning of a Tail

Episode 2 Season 1:Tale of a Tail

fo mo info mation look HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRREEEEEE!!!!----->4 Tail!^.^!!!!

Please help me get money or something......:'( me im poor..(not really but i cant afford a camera,a tail,beach trips,and props...PLEASE HELP!!) im pooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr......................Click HERE to help meeeeee***or something-or CH@t