Do you belive in magic--Aly and AJ

Friday,My Moment,Person of Intrest--Rebbecca Black


Mermaid--Daughter Darling

Summer--some random people...

Summer--Marcelo Zarvos

Magic--Selena Gomez

Mermaid--Amber Music

Ke$ha,Beach Boys,stupid artists etc...


  • Paris as.......................Brittany
  • Aliyah as.....................Marina
  • Zeynah as...................Natasha
  • Callie as......................Cleo
  • Adisa as......................Props(literly,THE PROPS) and Camera man

What its about:Edit

3 girls go swimming but find a map that leads them to an island where they become mermaids.But what troble will they get into?


Marina: AH! Im sooo bored guys..

Natasha : Hey!!! Lets read!!!!

Brittany and Marina: No!

Brittany: Oh! How bout we go swimming! *so they go to the beach and find--*

Brittany:OMG Guys a map to an island!! ugh math,I DONT WANNA DO MATH!

Marina:It says to go 10 paces to that rock follow a sea turtle and go 7 yards west.

Natasha:What!? That made NO sense!

  • they swim to a rock and see a sea turtle and follow*

Marina:Okay Seven paces 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.. omg guys an island!!THATS SO COOL

Brittany: Yeakay-- Lets go!

..*they go into a SUPER cool cave and the NEW moon strikes them turning them in mermaids*

(Mermaid--Daughter Darling-----song plays while they have FISH TACOS!! I mean fish tails...!..)


Dad: Hey girls buy clothes and pizza or something heres my walllet im watchin tv bye go to college

Brittany: Yay! Okay we need to test out our tails!

Marina:And read about them--I hate reading.. Its stupid

Mean Girl(Stacey): Wow. You know what elses stupid?-YOU.Hahahaha! Fish Freak!


  • selena gomez's magic song plays while we swim stupidly like the song*

Natasha: Hey guys look! *look at camera* No you morons! THE BOOK

  • pick up book and reads*Marina: It says,in a week we can get powers and-!!-- learn spells.

Marina,Brittany,and Natasha:Again with the learning...!!

  • fastly read books,Brit punches Marina for sleeping,person of intrest(rebecca black) song plays*

Natasha:What a workout. Hey Marina,Brittany,lets go swimming later then we can test---


All:*scream!!* Marina: Get out of here stalker,out!!

Natasha:Yeah gosh,what the heck,Cleo,go hide in a fish taco..

Cleo: TEST WHAT GUYS!!!!????!?!?!!

Brittany: umm-testing--our-uh

Marina:Our new recipe for fish tacos! Yeah-um-we-its a seeeecret recipe.

Brittany:YEAH! The winner gets a free cruise to a secret island,and gets to goto mermaid spottings in Hawaii.

Cleo: Oooo!! Maybe I'll enter! When do I sign up!

Natasha: We'll tell you later,bye,see you,go away now,bye.

  • Cleo leaves..Marina and Nat punch Brittany* (OW!)

Brittany:So how bout that swim?

Marina and Nat: Yea okay--LETS GO.

  • then theyre all swimming to the song Friday*



  • There might be more characters because Zeynah is boring
  • There IS a new character soon cuz Zeynahs boring!!
  • We are trying to make this a youtube show cuz its funny and dumb like MEEEEE!!!<3
  • This is going to be a stupid,awesome,mermaid series
  • Written by Paris.