Stephanie is the main unicorn that lives in the UNI-corn VERSE. Her friend is Daisy, who often shop at the mall and gossip about cupcakes. Stephanie also is the unicorn that drives the princess around Retarded Rainbow River, Cupcake Chaos Island, Lady Lollipop Land(the worst place ever), etc..Like many unicorns, she can shoot rainbows and pancakes out of her horn.


Stephanie has beautiful long blonde hair with side bangs and long tail. Her hair is usally put to the right (looking at her) to show her 'nark complexion'.She has white and shimmery skin that also glows in the dark sometimes.Tiffany and Victoria likes to paint her hooves too.


Stephanie,unlike unicorns,can grow different wing and shrink them back into her fabulous bod.She can also turn into her human form.(shown above)(soon) Stephanie also can turn tears into pearls that grow into snowballs. That was seen in a non-exsiting episode of "Nark Girl" when Stephanie saw some guy crying and turned tears into snowballs and threw it at him and said"Calm yourself bro!".Stephanie can ZAP peeps in DA FACE! She can also sing,dance,and cheer.Stephanie can turn her hair into different colors but only because she was exposed to a mysterious nuclear missle found far below Lumpy Space in Ooo.


  • Her BFF is Tiffany,Roxxane,and Victoria
  • Guys say 'OMG shes sooooo hawt..bro im gonna ask her ouwt..'
  • She is the most popular unicorn in UNI-corn VERSE
  • She zapped a nerd in the face once
  • She has been a cheerleader since she was 1and a half..
  • Her Mom is an actress/singer/cheerleader
  • Her dad is a football player and invented rainbows,cupcakes,and candy corn.