its lee!!!

name- Lee mett

age- 18

born 1904

became vampire at-1922


Lee is very hyper and has a very nice singing.voice her catchphrase is whatever. she always takes her ipod everywhere she goes, and she has a huge love for music and her pet cat bullwikie. Lee can be a bit pushy and insecure. also, she does NOT get along with her parnerts at all. she really cant deal with all their inegrity. she plays the ukulele.Edit


Lee wears a red dress with brown knee hight boots. She also wears a fish net glove , a red and black bow, and a necklace with the word forever on it. her hair is a pixie haircut with green hightlights. Edit


1. bullwike

2. Marshall lee (crush)

3. Pam ( little sister)

4. michi (bff)