I mustace u a q

hello. heres the questions


how are you

whats your fave . color

why are you here

what color is your tounge

do you like corn

how many unicorns do you ride a day

what color is the sky when unicorns fly

do you talk to baby dolls

do you like socks

are you a taco ninja

are you good at video games

is it possible for a ostrich to start world war 3

what is the meaning of life

would you ever hug a lion

is there a monster under your bed

how would describle your fave. pair of jeans

have you ever worn a dress

do you have a narwhal in your pocket

so whats the verdict on blue crayons

why does'nt mcdonlads sell hotdogs

do butterflys taste like butter

how many times have you rode a leprachaun into the sunset

would you ever kiss a frog

last question .

Why am i asking YOU all these questions?