hello. if you are confused and uptight please read this if you are not please go away now. well... the go away thing never ever ever ever ever works. because some people think oh its a free country i can do what ever i feel i like well guess what punk your wrong! >:( errrr you people make me sick. anyway... im sorry if your reading this and that moment made you sad anyway when this is over we can roast marshmellows it will be sweet , i use a brush to brush my hair, i eat cookies someday i'll turn into a bear. that ryhemed so that means its time to start.

heres the poem.

chocolate stars are blue

my tounge is pink

babys are cute

my brother stinks

i love to dance on the moon

my shorts are tight

my bathroom is purple

i like to sniff cheese

i married an ostrich

my ostrich started world war 3

justin bebier maybe just a beavers

justin bebier made me a sandwhich

megan fox got a twitch

wait sniff sniff cry

i done killed your whole tribe

wait pause oh thats it.

what the deuce!

oh yeah the poem is over :(