One apon a time there was a city full of unicorns.Actully there were at least 12 cities full of unicorns..Like theres

  • Retarded Rainbow River (2nd biggest city)
  • Imbecile Ice Cream Island
  • Ah Pale Cee(ah-pa-lace)
  • Princess Penelope's Pretty Pink Pancake Place Purple Pony Pagent Palace(DEEP breath)
  • Awesome Town
  • Movie Corner
  • Sheens Korner
  • Whale castle
  • OooAaaUuuEeeIii
  • Inapproprite Island

Okay anyway,so, basicly lets talk about these islands though...

  • Narwhal Castle(N.C)
  • Retarded Rainbow River(RRR)
  • Inapproprite Island(II)
  • Awesome Town(AT!)
  • and- Movie Corner(PK)

At RRR a unicorn made of water,sand,seaweed,and retarded rainbows,fell in love with a whale that she soon made love with and then they had a baby named Nardy the Narwhal because they both love Alliteration so much then her friend did it too and then there were two Nerwhals but when the unicorn girls dads found out they killed all the whales that soon went instixct and then the narwhals grew up,and had babies which created a NEW race..So your probably wondering..What are Dolphins? Easy!! Gay Sharks


Once apon a time a unicorn named Tatiana fell in love. She was laying on the rocks of a jem-filled cave as the salty wind blew against her,making her hair shine even brighter than a sunset. Then a pirate unicorn dove into a nuclear missle that had destroyed a whole race of human,and became a REALLy cute whale that fell in love with Tatiana. He had to live at Whale Castle though were unicorns were FORBIDDEN. He longed for her,and she,him. Tatiana was swimming in RRR when she saw HIM. The whale boy named BOB(not Bob,BOB) BOB approched her with an amazing complexion that made her CRY. They soon went on dates at PK and Tatianas friend,also fell in love with a whale as well.

One rainy night at AT, Tatiana and BOB kissed.For like,a loooooonnnggggg time..127 minutes later...okay then her father, Mordonic(his real name is Moron) found out about there love..But it was too late. tatiana was-PREGGERS!! So was her friend..WAY before HER..hahahaaaa.....Anyway so Mordonic decided to KILL all the whales but Tatiana refused and came in between the war like Pocohantas on that terrible decision: Her family? Or her Love and Freedom? She chose Family but only because her father promised she could become a family hooters waitress and so Tatianas friend Artemis could become a stripper.

He killed all the whales after the babies were born..He was going to kill them,but they were just so darn cute. Then he accidently killed at the unicorns because hes a moron(its his real name actully..thats probably why he did it) and a new mORE awesome race of unicorns were born!!!

THE END. Oh and dont worry about Tatiana and Artemis,they changed thier names to Smexxy and Hawtie and lived thier lives as discusting unicorns. Then, the world blew up from the cause of climate change.

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